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“Mountain Wisdom has set forth in a conscious and purposeful manner to guide young men and women into adulthood.”

Hawkeye  Jay

Mission Statement

Mountain Wisdom, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization committed to fostering healthy teens and families by providing fun-filled, educational  and challenging outdoor adventures focusing on environmental conservation and nature awareness. MWI believes encouraging youth to participate in transformational experiences in nature promotes well-being, wholesome physical development, and is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.

Upcoming Events: 


Boys Rites Of Passage Camp

Date: July 13-18, 2015
Location: Tray Mtn, Near Hiawasse Ga.
New Outlook Wilderness Adventure Camp
Date: July 13-18, 2015
Location: Tray Mtn, Near Hiawasse Ga.
Date: July 123-26, 2015
Location: Kaluna Talking Rock Ga

Your Support is Needed

Friends of Mountain Wisdom,

Winter of 2013, our MW storage building in Ellijay was broken into. We have bought and gathered together gear and equipment for eleven years and then overnight much of it was stolen. We are asking for your help to get it replaced.

You or someone you know may have some of what is on this list in your storage and not being used. Clear out the clutter and make a difference. Please forward this email to your friends.

Please contact me to discuss equipment and drop off point.


Thank you in advance!

Hawkeye Jay

 Equipment we need to Replace

Tents of all sizes

Sleeping bags in good condition

Sleep pads

Back packs

Day packs/ book bags

Clothing all sizes: t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, towels

Drums and shaker instruments

Climbing gear: ropes (good condition), harnesses, helmets, shoes, carabineers and other technical gear

Slack lines

Large coolers

Water drinking coolers

Pop-up/Easy-up tents

Folding tables


Tarps (all sizes)

Rope 1/8-1/4


Books (nature identification)