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Boys’ Rites of Passage


Who: Boys 12 – 17 years    When: July 11-16, 2016
Where: Tray Mtn near Hiawasse         Cost: $550

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Boys’ Rites of PassageAs a Licensed Psychologist I have heard nothing but positive responses from the young men whom I have referred to the Mountain Wisdom, Boy’s Rite of Passage Camp that Jay and Terry offer each Summer.  The boys’ parents report numberous benefits gleaned from their sons participation.  They are more reflective and considerate of others, willing to help around the house, and have a greater sense of direction in life.  The research into nature-based therapy is substantial and uniformly positive, and  MWI’s program is inexpensive, time-limited, well-organized, and has an excellent, well-trained, staff.  You will not find a better, more professional and caring camp, with so many benefits offered than MWI’s Boys Rite of Passage Camp.Dr. David Busch PhDThe first Boys’ Rites of Passage camp was held in 2003. This camp is a unique wilderness experience connecting boys to themselves and to the wonders of our natural world.

Throughout the week the boys experience and learn team work, trust building, leadership, character building and social skills during challenging activities in the wilderness.
4-4015Wilderness Survival Skills – Attitude, shelter, water, fire, wild edibles and useful plants
Traditional Native American Ceremony - Vision Quest, sweat lodge, drumming
Activities – Creek hikes, archery, star gazing constellations, night sounds hikes, learning to juggle
The Art of Tracking – Animal identification and behavior
Basic Camping Skills – Including low impact wilderness camping
Using Tools – Hand saws, ax, draw knife, etc.
4-1004Interactive and Competitive Games - Self-confidence, trust, team building and fun
Nature Awareness – Circle of life, connectedness
Creating a Code of Honor - Living as a man of honor
Leadership Training – Identify qualities of leaders and heroes
Therapeutic Exercises and Questions – Healthy conflict resolution
Sound Decision Making Skills – All people have the ability to improve their quality of life through the choices they make
Relationships – Learn the importance of your relationship with friends and family