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Rites of Passage Experience, Girls to Women

Who: Girls 12 – 17 years          When: TBD

Location:  TBD      Cost: $300


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Mountain Wisdom Inc. has set forth, in a conscious and purposeful manner, a passage for girls to move into young womanhood.

Young women connect with nature and overcome limiting fears and beliefs.
In a beautiful setting they will learn skills to bring a sense of purpose to their lives through service to themselves,
their families and their communities.

For thousands of years societies have performed “Rites of Passage” initiation ceremonies.  Mountain Wisdom Inc. has created a passage for girls to move into young womanhood.

The young girls will learn to respect themselves and others and to treat both with kindness. They will learn timeless ways and teachings of Native Americans to help them get in touch with the inner-self and their personal Spirit. Nature lessons are the foundation for these teachings.  Lessons for living in balance with the natural world, paying attention to their environment, and successfully working as a team to meet one’s needs, teaches a person about honor, respect and integrity.

Intentional movement connects us to our bodies, strengthening our relationship to our whole selves and to the earth.

Drumming connects us with the heartbeat of the Earth, combined with other instruments, including our voices, in creative expression.

We develop our imagination and empower ourselves through knowledge of the truth of our emotions as a toolbox for creativity.

Beads, creating with fabric and other crafts, encourage us to weave beauty through the use of imaginative materials.

Equine assisted growth experiences,
Experience the healing power of horses through relationship with these majestic animals without being in the saddle.

Indigenous ceremony
Ancient wisdom ways are part of the program to help to stir the remembrance within, of relationship to all living things.

Team building
The importance of learning healthy teamwork is an essential aspect to cultivate the ability to set and achieve collective goals.

Cooperative games
Through activities, the girls learn the productive values of co-creating in the spirit of cooperation.

Leadership training
We explore the qualities of good leadership such as: integrity; honesty; and a balance of family, community and global service.

Environmental awareness
We increase our awareness of our relationship to nature, and through this experience, develop a deeper concern, care and desire to help take care of the earth.

Understanding the qualities and gifts of being a woman.
In the safety of the circle of women, we share, encourage and empower the girls in their journey into womanhood.

And lots of fun.
We expect joy, laughter and celebration in the discovery of each individual within their personal and collective Rites of Passage Experience.

Rites of Passage Experience, Girls to Women

Very few of the young ladies I serve in my private psychology practice see themselves as strong independent young women.  Most still fall for the cultural notion that they must base their self-worth on their degree of popularity and their ability to attract boys.  MWI’s Summer Rite of Passage Camp, get a maturational jump start, realizing that their own individual life has an important purpose and meaning all its own.  They come away from the experience with a leap in self-confidence and connectedness with others beyond physical appearances and popularity.  They are more centered and calm from having found themselves, as evolving young women, walking in grace and awareness.  MWI’s carefully selected staff is well-trained, caring, and professional.


Dr. David Busch PhD